Our clients

Trade Clients

CoastEcoTimber’s one-of-a-kind products can be seen in luxury hotels, restaurants, public buildings and private residences. Specifics include Tantolo Hotel and Roof bar, American Trade Hotel, Sortis Hotel, Bouquete Resort, Marriott and Hotel Herrerra. Projects are also underway for the Smithsonian and Hotel Concordia, among others.

Domestic Clients

For eco-conscious architects, builders, designers, home owners and furniture makers alike, this material opens up a unique opportunity to weave a history any interior in new and fascinating way. Featured in a wide range of venues from remote ranches to resorts, city apartments to country estates, CoastEcoTimber also supplies one-of-a-kind pieces direct to a growing number of customers wishing to make sustainable and eco-friendly home décor choices, such as Flooring, Decking, Tables, Cladding, Mantles, Shelves, Stools and Trays.